Steel Fixing

Steel Fixing

JDR Concrete and Construction based in the Capalaba QLD is an established company providing steel fixing construction services across Brisbane.  Our reinforcement contractors have experience providing complete steel fixing services to commercial, industrial and residential construction projects.  While we are a high profile company, people usually don't know what company is performing the reinforcement and steel work on a construction project.  For that reason, most of our projects are from project managers and customers who use JDR exclusively or from referrals given by our customers for new business.

Use Our Steel Fixers!

Now you don't have to go through the headache of hiring steel workers because we provide the crews. If hiring (and firing) steel workers is taking a toll on your project timeline, we can take that burden off your shoulders.  JDR skilled crews have thousands of hours of experience in interpreting designs and placing steel works according to specifications.  You may have world-class architects and designs, but without competent steel fixers the project is compromised and so is your company’s credibility.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our reputation is built on delivering competent workers for iron reinforcement and steel fixing work.

For an initial consultation provided without obligation call us on 0411 553 114 to find out more how JDR Concrete and Construction can get your project back on schedule using our steel fixing services.   If you prefer, use this form to email us your contact information.

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