Form Work

Form Work

Constructing aluminum, steel or timber formwork for structural concrete elements is a core component of almost all building projects.  Formwork is used when preparing walls, floors, patios, stairs and similar parts of a building.  A concrete form is used to form the mould to create concrete structures.

JDR provides formwork expertise beyond floors and similar uses.  We work with architects to frame up a number of different formwork designs including:

  • Columns – curved, circular, complex and shaped
  • Tanks and holding areas
  • Wall formwork: straight, curved; building and sea defences
  • Tunnels and drainage systems
  • Permanent formwork
  • Pre-cast moulds
  • Concrete handling skips
  • Sub-structures
  • Fixed or temporary formworks
  • Foundations
  • Basements
  • Utility supports

To coordinate an onsite consultation with one of our formwork design and setup specialists, call 0411 553 114.   If you prefer, use this form to email us your contact information.

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