Concrete Tilt Panels

Concrete Tilt Panels

Commercial building design often incorporates concrete tilt panels products.  When building a structure using concrete tilt panels, the walls are created by pouring large slabs of concrete at the job site.  The panels are placed into position at the appropriate location around the foundation.

Why Choose Concrete Tilt Panels Building architects and engineers often choose to use this type of concrete product over precast panels as the slabs are built on-site.  This eliminates transportation costs.

Advantages of Onsite Build

  • No expense transporting massive precast panels
  • Faster than building walls using traditional construction methods
  • Safer than relying on scaffolding as the construction and placement is done on the ground
  • Custom design for each building


  • Weather conditions pour and curing of the slab
  • Availability of space onsite to pour the slabs and to lift the panels

Today, concrete tilt panels are also recommended for Australian residential construction.  The concrete walls are a solid improvement over traditional wood framed homes when it comes to standing up to Australia’s harsh and sometimes quirky weather conditions.  Homeowners also benefit from lower energy costs because concrete tilt panels maintain the home at a more consistent temperature.

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